Why software engineers don’t get jobs: Four horror stories

tl;dr; Recruiting is messier than you think. I tell three stories where great engineers were rejected for reasons that had nothing to do with their engineering performance or cultural-fit. Read this story with nicer formatting on medium.com. I run a technical recruitment agency based in Zurich. I will help you skip boring calls with non-technical […]

Five years after moving to Switzerland. Why I am still here.


When I came to Zurich in 2014 to work as a Python and Javascript developer I believed to only stay 2–3 years maximum and then leave to the US. After I wrote “Nine reasons why I moved to Switzerland to work in tech” people started mailing me their CVs, I connected them with jobs and […]

Switzerland: How buying real-estate can kill you financially and two reasons to go for stocks instead


tl;dr Houses are bad investments due to foreign millionaires inflating real-estate for the rest of us. Stocks are better: There is zero tax on capital gain and an interesting estate tax treaty with the US, so one can buy cheap ETFs. Almost three years passed since I wrote “8 reasons why I moved to Switzerland to […]

Compassion — An efficient alternative to rigid Code of Conducts

tl:dr; I suggest “compassion” and recurse.com’s “Social User’s Manual” as a viable alternative to rigid “code of conducts”. “Modern” code of conducts (CoCs) are based on so called “speech codes” at Stanford ~30 years ago. These set of rules (CoCs or “code of conducts”) became a de facto standard at meetups and tech conferences. In […]

Make recruiting suck less

How to get a work-permit in Switzerland

Finding an applicant tracking system