I am Iwan (TwitterLinkedin). I studied computer science at TU Munich, then worked as a software engineer for three years in Zurich. During that time I noticed that many firms in town struggle to find tech talent.

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Right now, I offer:
– Traditional external tech-recruitment. Useful if you need to hire a developer quickly.

– Interim talent acquisition as a service. Good for startups that don’t have internal recruiters but a bit of time.

Technical assessments as a service. You give me your technical questions, I interview developers and send you a detailed report.

– Trainings and education of tech recruiters (workshops)

Example of Video interviews that we do

  • 0:00 Look at repositories of Martin
  • 04:32 Look at code that should be refactored
  • 7:00 Look at commit messages
  • 09:00 Look at React / Redux code
  • 11:00 Live showing the app
  • 12:15 Interesting moment: Martin says why “em” is better than “px”
  • 13:35 Martin tells about his CV / his past and what he wants to do in the future
  • 17:10 Martin tells about university / ETH experience
  • 18:55 Off-topic: Iwan ranting about universities
  • 21:00 Martin prefers 80% employment

For companies:

Please contact me for more information about what we do.