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Hi programmers

I am Iwan (iwan@coderfit.comLinkedin). After studying computer science at TU Munich and working for three years as a programmer, I turned to recruitment. Now, I am helping companies with their hiring needs.

At coderfit, we are sourcing, vetting, and matching candidates with exciting jobs in Zurich. If the client asks for it, we assess applicants by “pre-interviewing” them together with domain experts from our network. If permitted by the candidate, we record 10-15 min video-interviews and make candidates proceed faster through hiring funnels at great firms in Zurich, Switzerland.

These are our most popular blog posts about Switzerland and hiring:
These short texts were read by tens of thousands of people who searched online for “tech jobs in Switzerland”. Through this we attracted several dozens of software engineers to come to this tiny but great country.

Please scroll down to see some of our talks or contact me for more information about what we do.

We fill most vacancies through the following channels:
  • Inbound applicants that come through writing (https://medium.com/@iwaninzurich) — 30%
  • Our candidate-database  — 30% of hires
  • Job boards (Angel.co, Indeed) — 20% of hires
  • Tech specific events, meetups, conferences — 15% of hires
  • Linkedin active outreach — 5% (only in very specific cases)

Example of Video interviews that we do

  • 0:00 Look at repositories of Martin
  • 04:32 Look at code that should be refactored
  • 7:00 Look at commit messages
  • 09:00 Look at React / Redux code
  • 11:00 Live showing the app
  • 12:15 Interesting moment: Martin says why “em” is better than “px”
  • 13:35 Martin tells about his CV / his past and what he wants to do in the future
  • 17:10 Martin tells about university / ETH experience
  • 18:55 Off-topic: Iwan ranting about universities
  • 21:00 Martin prefers 80% employment