Active jobseekers are often thoroughly tested and firms put in lots of effort in writing assessment notes. Still, companies often need to reject developers and a lot of “vetting-work” goes to waste, but it doesn’t have to be this way if you share this with other firms!

Applicants put in lots of effort in talking to you, your recruiters, and hiring managers. Often, they also solve long coding tasks for free.

Help your rejected developers find another job faster by integrating with your ATS and your hiring process.

How it works: You add one opt-in checkbox-question to your job application form that the applicant has to activate to participate in the program: “My data and the assessment notes can be shared with

If such a candidate is rejected, you ping us with an email with your notes about the candidate or we pull it automatically from your ATS.

Questions & answers for employers

What are the benefits for employers (apart from helping rejected developers)?

  1. Based on the written feedback you send us, we call the candidate, communicate the rejection, reasons for rejecting the application, give emotional support and ensure that the candidate remembers your firm positively. We point to other more fitting jobs if the candidate wants that.
  2. As a member of the community, we will regularly parse your job-site and recommend the most fitting applicants to you from our pool, yet we can not guarantee any number of profiles.

How much does it cost?

Firms pay us monthly for communicating rejections to the candidates and to be part of the network.

Do developers ever see my assessment notes?

No. All notes are treated with privacy in mind. We use them during the rejection call to explain to the candidate why the process had to stop.

Do other firms see my assessment notes?

We summarize your notes so it is not possible to see who did the assessment initially.

How do I know that MY candidates will have a good experience with YOU?

The experience talking to a human about the rejection will be for sure better than what usually happens: Someone hits the big, red, REJECT button in the ATS and the candidate gets a canned email with boilerplate à la: We were very impressed by your profile but we had many applicants and chose a better fitting one!

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