Mission and vision

State in November 2017: I wrote a wishful projection into the future. Right now I am having a lot of chaos with regards to my processes; I often fail to follow up with candidates and clients and I am drowning in emails.

Currently, I try mitigating all that by making everything more repeatable and training people. Standardizing my processes takes time, so pleas bear with us. But here is what I want to do/be in the future:

In the next 12-24 months we will deliver the best-recruiting services for SMEs and startups in Switzerland. The same way Ricardo did not let eBay into the Swiss market and Tutti did and does not let Kleinanzeigen in, coderfit aims to become the number one Swiss recruiting agency.

The same way Tesla produced a high-class sports car, then the Model S and will now capture he mass market, we started serving the premium segment first: Top-notch SMEs and high growth startups.

The first placements we did were lead senior engineers with 10 years experience both on the frontend and the backend – our path started with placing unicorns. Currently, we work on senior engineers and mid-level engineering roles. Once we have established reasonable, repeatable processes we will lower costs for all our clients, latest by January 2020. Parallel to that we also hire for firms that have offices in different locations like New York in Munich.

How we are different:

  • We match you with tech experts in your stack and record the pair programming session. Then we make you fast-forward and skip the phone screen.
  • We try to help engineers understanding the Swiss culture and adapting how they present themselves.
  • We hate CVs but we will still help improving yours. (Just contact us)
  • We help you to understand Swiss salaries and living costs
  • We hold both licenses to legally recruit/headhunt within within Switzerland and from abroad.

Get in touch to hear more.

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What people say about us

We happily work with Iwan exclusively for hiring engineers. He has a real talent for finding great people that are both a good tech-fit and right for your company culture.

Harry Fuechs (VP Engineering at Squirro.com)

Other headhunters would put me down because I have neither a formal IT-background nor professional work experience as a programmer. Iwan would look at my projects on Github and place me at one of the most high growth B2B startups in Zurich. Thanks Iwan!

Nick - matched for a Frontend job.

Let me tell you, you’ve actually done a much better job than most headhunters out there in LinkedIn! Thank you so much for your work.

Szilvester - matched for a Python job.

Iwan ist der bekannteste IT-Recruiter in Zurich

Organiser of the SIXHackathon

Iwan suggested me four startups, all of them were good but one of them was a perfect match.


It’s nice to know that there’s someone like you out there who is both a dev and has recruiting know-how.

Claudiu - matched for a Java job.
Iwan is the only recruiter i would with a good consciousness put in contact with people i know and trust.
Martin - matched for a DevOps job.Martin E.