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PwC experience center was formely a web agency ( bought by PwC. Generally they are looking for Php, scrum master, and such kind of roles.
oddEVEN ist eine solide KMU, die mit grossen Firmen an kleinen Projekten (mind. 3-6 Monate) arbeitet. Ihr “Unique Selling Proposition” ist, dass sie eine vollständige Geschäftsprozessanalyse und Implementierung aus einer Hand machen (in einem vernünftigen, aber nicht “zu religiösen” Scrum-Prozess). Ihre Projekte reichen von einfachen Websites bis zu komplexen Webanwendungen, die die gesamten Geschäftsprozesse grösserer Unternehmen widerspiegeln (z.B. CRM vom Flughafen Zürich). Am Frontend verwenden sie hauptsächlich Angular 4, sind aber offen und nutzen Vue oder React. Im Backend verwenden sie Sitecore (.NET CMS / Multichannel Marketing Framework).
Digital Asset is using the blockchain technology to change how companies all over the world do reconciliation. They put the Australian stockexchange on the blockchain ( and are probably one of the few companies that are serious about this new technology. They plan to hire 50 people in 2018.
covee is an Advanced Search & Context Intelligence Solution that enables companies to turn meaningless data into actionable insights.covee = think kaggle with teams and tokens. The goal is to build a decentralized collaboration platform for data scientists (can be in research, hedge funds or consulting firms) without the need for inefficient contracts.

Quatico ist eine qualitätsorientierte Softwarefirma, die massgeschneiderte Lösungen für ihre Kunden entwickelt. Ob anspruchsvolle Webapplikationen mit komplizierter Serverlogik oder digitale Unternehmen mit aufwändigen Geschäftsprozessen, wir bauen was unsere Kunden gerne verwenden.

Ti&m stands for “technology, innovation & management”. They have a mix of product and project-based work, currently their focus is more on project-based work for banks. They built products like paymit that is a payment app here (like apple pay) and they have projects with bigger Swiss companies. For them it is important that someone wants to stay there for several years and not just for a short period. Also, at least willingness to learn German is crucial.

Onedot is a startup that builds an AI / ML product that makes sense out of piles of unstructured data. Suppliers of data are eCommere companies like eBay Switzerland and Siroop ( = big Swiss ecommerce company).

They mainly use Scala but are opened to Java engineers who can / want to learn Scala.

SwissQuant is doing risk management calculations for private banks mainly using Java. They are an ETH-spinoff and although they have a solid engineering culture they are a bit management-driven.

Ginetta is one of the coolest web agencies in Zurich is looking for two frontend roles at the moment: The one is more focused on modular CSS and HTML5 and the other is more focused on Javascript.

Bbv ist eine Beratungsfirma mit einigen Niederlassungen in der Schweiz und auch in Deutschland. Der Fokus liegt auf “hardcore” Backend und embedded C Entwicklung.
Atoss engineering team looks for programmers who are willing to move to Munich to help develop a workforce management software. They are known for over-market pay and great working conditions. Moreover, Munich is the most livable city in Germany and among the top 10 most livable cities in the world.

Companies for which we filled positions in the past or not work together anymore:

Squirro is an Advanced Search & Context Intelligence Solution that enables companies to turn meaningless data into actionable insights.

Nectar is building based on Node and Angular a CRM system for wealth management companies. The product is rather young and the codebase small. Remote work is okay. They have employees in Switzerland, the US and Slovenia. The clients are all in Switzerland.

digitale neubelebung helps digital transformation and have a healthy engineeing culture headquartered in Konstanz with offices in Zurich and Mazedonia.
Felfel is a food-logistics technology company that serves 150 locations. They are currently expanding to the French part of Switzerland (and currently rely on non-scaleable processes, which have to be replaced). In order to scale to 100x more locations, they need to rebuild their technology to something more reasonable; a microservice-based architecture)

“We have been working with Iwan recently for engineers hiring. He has a real talent for finding great engineers that are a good fit for your company culture.”

Harry Fuechs (VP Engineering at